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"Angels speak to those who silence their minds long enough to hear."


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Angel Reading Healing Singapore
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Face-to-Face, Over-the-Phone & Virtual Readings: SGD $150/hr (Additional time may be chargeable)

Text/WhatsApp/Email Readings: SGD $22/question + Healing (See details below)

If you...

  • Want to connect with your Guardian Angels

  • Want to receive messages from the Angels

  • Want to work with the Archangels

  • Need guidance from the Angels in any area of your life

  • Want to receive healing from the Angels & Archangels

​... this is for you.

Everyone has Guardian Angels. They watch over you and your life path, and are happy to connect with you!

Angels – and any divinity of the light, for that matter – cannot help you if you don’t ask. They respect your free will, and will only offer their assistance if you call out for help.

The only exception being life threatening events where, if it does not serve your highest soul’s purpose, they are allowed to intervene.

During the reading, I will tap into the Angelic Kingdom for guidance and inspiration regarding your concerns. I may also use Angel Oracle Cards to supplement the reading.

For healing, I will channel the Angels’ healing energy and blessings to help soothe and comfort you. This energy can also be directed to physical areas of concern, and situations in your life that need healing.

I can do this as a:

  • Face-to-Face Reading

  • Over-the-Phone Reading via normal call, WhatsApp call, FaceTime audio

  • Virtual Reading via Zoom, WhatsApp video, FaceTime video

  • Text/WhatsApp/Email Reading

What you will need to do:

For Face-to-Face Readings

Have your concerns ready. Come with an open mind.

Locations in Singapore:

  • At your own residence or office. I am willing to travel. Please make sure you have a conducive space for the session. Additional transport fees may apply depending on location.​

  • At a conducive public space like a cafe or park. Feel free to recommend any place you may know.

  • At a holistic centre. I can book a private healing room. Do note that additional fees may apply for the room.​​

For Over-the-Phone & Virtual Readings

Contact me to set a date and time, and the mode of technology you'd prefer.

Have your concerns ready. Keep an open mind.

For Text/WhatsApp/Email Readings

Prepare a minimum of 1 question. Feel free to describe your situation in as much detail as possible too. It doesn’t have to be a one-liner question.

I will address each question as comprehensively as I can, giving you insights and advice to help you navigate the best way forward.

But if a particular question turns out to be quite complex with many layers, I will inform you of any additional charges needed.

I will also be sending distant Angelic healing to each issue that is addressed.

May I kindly inform you that payment has to be made first before I carry out the reading and healing.

Sometimes, though, clients may wish to dig deeper with their issues, and they would text me follow-up questions. In some instances, I may also be available to reply on the spot, and we may end up having a real-time/semi real-time reading over text.

In those cases, I may charge according to the time taken for our whole conversation over text. But rest assured, I will keep in mind any delays that we faced – whether from the act of typing or attending to our chores – and charge accordingly.


I accept payment through:

  • Google Pay, PayNow or PayLah! to +65 9689 2610 (Preferred)

  • Bank Transfer: Inform me and I'll reply with my bank account number

  • PayPal (only for overseas purchases) to (kindly include an additional 5% to offset PayPal fees, thank you!)

  • Cash

To arrange your session, please call/text/WhatsApp me at +65 9689 2610 or write to

If you have any queries, do feel free to contact me as well.

​I wish you only peace and joy.

Angel Reading & Healing: Services

"Remember, Angels have wings 'cause they take themselves lightly."

Robin Williams

Angel Reading & Healing: Quote
Angel Reading Healing
Angel Reading & Healing: Image
Angel Reading Healing
Angel Reading & Healing: Image

"We are all winging it, that’s what Angels do."


Angel Reading & Healing: Quote
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