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"When you are really balanced, neither leaning on this side nor leaning on that side, when you are exactly in the middle, you transcend."


Eclectic Chakra Fine-Tuning: Quote
Chakra balancing
Eclectic Chakra Fine-Tuning: Image


SGD $150/hr (Additional time may be chargeable)

Unlock Your Full Potential with Chakra Healing in Singapore

Are you seeking to:

  • Strengthen financial security and confidence?

  • Unleash creativity and express your passions?

  • Boost self-confidence and productivity?

  • Deepen relationships and give and receive more love?

  • Embrace your true self and speak your truth?

  • Enhance intuition and psychic senses?

  • Connect to a higher power and discover your life's purpose?

Introducing My Signature Energy Healing Modality

This comprehensive Chakra Healing package combines the power of:

  • Colour Therapy: Balance your Chakras with colour

  • Crystal Healing: Amplify healing with condensed spiritual energies

  • Sound Healing: Tune into precise frequencies for balance

  • Mantra Healing: Harness sacred vibrations for body, mind, and spirit

  • Energy Healing: Channel divine energy with Reiki and high-intentioned beings

  • Symbols of Light: Recalibrate your Chakras and body with Living Light Symbols

Prepare for Your Session

  • Dress comfortably and lie down

  • Stay hydrated with water to enhance energy flow

  • Share your needs if you're experiencing pain or discomfort

Locations in Singapore

Choose from:

  • Your own space: I'll travel to your home or office (additional transport fees may apply)

  • Holistic centre: Book a private healing room (additional fees may apply)

Package Deal

Save with our package deal:

  • SGD $405 for 3 sessions (U.P. $450)

  • Pay upfront: Second and third sessions must be arranged within 2 months

Payment Options

I accept:

  • Google Pay, PayNow, or PayLah!: +65 9689 2610 (Preferred)

  • Bank Transfer

  • Cash

Book Your Session in Singapore

Ready to unlock your full potential? Contact me:


Feel free to ask!

Wishing you peace and joy. May you experience the love and light of the divine.

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Eclectic Chakra Fine-Tuning: Services

"Everything must happen in the invisible before it can become visible."

Iyanla Vanzant

Eclectic Chakra Fine-Tuning: Quote
Chakra healing
Eclectic Chakra Fine-Tuning: Image
Chakra healing
Eclectic Chakra Fine-Tuning: Image
Chakra balancing
Eclectic Chakra Fine-Tuning: Image
Chakra balancing
Eclectic Chakra Fine-Tuning: Image
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