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"Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm."

Earl Nightingale

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Sacral Chakra Healing workshop
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Public Workshop: refer to latest event rates

Private Workshop: SGD $300 (~2hrs)

If you...

  • Want to improve your creativity

  • Want to be more flexible and “in the flow”

  • Feel blocked and need more inspiration

  • Struggle with processing your emotions

  • Find it hard to come to terms with your feelings

  • Want to be more comfortable and at ease with your body

  • Have difficulty embracing pleasure in all forms

  • Have issues pertaining to sex and the reproductive organs​

… this ceremony seeks to address that.

This is a public group workshop which can also be adapted for a private individual or group workshop.

The Sacral Chakra is our centre of Creativity, Passion & Joy! It governs the highs and lows of our emotions, and our ability to surrender and flow with life, trusting in Synchronicity and Divine Timing.

This is where we give birth to new things – whether it’s a child, a work of art, or a passionate project we want to offer the world. The Sacral Chakra enables us to enjoy our sexuality and embrace pleasure in every form.

But many of us feel guilty about experiencing pleasure – “guilty pleasure”, as we say.

  • When it comes to savouring good food, it’s “sinful”?

  • When it comes to sex, it’s “dirty”, “taboo”, or “shameful”?

  • When it comes to expressing our emotions, it’s “inappropriate”?

Why do we have such conditioning and perceptions?

If you struggle with emotional issues and coming to terms with your feelings in any way, this ceremony seeks to heal the blocks preventing you from having a healthy emotional life.

If you’re a creative in any role – artist, musician, writer, performer, marketer or designer – who has been feeling blocked, needs more inspiration, or just wants to be back in the flow, this ceremony gives you that push.​

If you have concerns embracing sex and pleasure in all forms, or have issues relating to the bladder, kidneys, or reproductive system… this ceremony works to heal the psychosomatic issues related to the creative centre.

Come join me as I take you through this ceremony to:

  • Release the inhibitions and doubts plaguing you from creating

  • Heal the wounds and strengthen your Sacral Chakra with the divinities who specialise in all aspects of creation

  • Empower your sacral centre so as to easily manifest your creative desires

​What you will need to do:

  • Dress comfortably. You will need to lie down at one part.

  • Bring a shawl or sweater if you get cold.

  • Bring a small hand-carry bag as there may be items to take home.

  • Come with an open and honest state of mind with regard to all your sacral issues.

Locations in Singapore:

  • At your own residence or office. I am willing to travel. Please make sure you have a conducive space for the setting up of a centrepiece, and for you to lie down comfortably. Additional transport fees may apply depending on location.​

  • At a holistic centre. I can book a private healing room. Do note that additional fees may apply for the room.

I accept payment through:

  • Google Pay, PayNow or PayLah! to +65 9689 2610 (Preferred)

  • Bank Transfer: Inform me and I'll reply with my bank account number

  • Cash

To arrange your session, please call/text/WhatsApp me at +65 9689 2610 or write to

If you have any queries, do feel free to contact me as well.

I wish you only peace and joy.

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"Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you."

Roger Ebert

Ceremony of the 6-Petalled Lotus: Quote
Sacral Chakra healing workshop
Ceremony of the 6-Petalled Lotus: Image
Sacral Chakra healing workshop
Ceremony of the 6-Petalled Lotus: Image
Sacral Chakra Healing workshop
Ceremony of the 6-Petalled Lotus: Image

"Life's a party. Invite yourself."

Gary Johnson

Ceremony of the 6-Petalled Lotus: Quote
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