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"If the only prayer you say in your whole life is 'thank you', that would suffice."

Meister Eckhart

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Whether it's a reading or healing we had, or one of my events you attended... I'd love to hear the benefits and positive results you've gained, the learning and growth you've experienced, or just how you find me as a person!

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"Hi Ashoka, just wanted to let you know the session yesterday was really helpful and great! Made such a physical difference that I wasn’t expecting… I slept through like a log from about 6pm till 9am this morning. Didn’t realise I was so tired. I’m most amazed that my feet are still warm. It’s been cold for so long and I was extra cold the last 3 days. Then whatever you did have made my feet warm, and I slept so deeply. I feel quite rejuvenated. Thank you for doing what you do, we’ll definitely be doing more of this :)"


"Hi Ashoka. Thank you so much for providing me with an amazing and a life-changing chakra balancing session today. I am truly blessed to have encountered you at this juncture of where I am having crossroads in life and your reassurance and inspiring talk made me have better clarity on how I can manifest what I want with an alluring confidence. I am feeling more energetic, calm and collected after the first session itself and you are such a pure and empathetic soul that serves the mankind with real passion and love without expecting anything in return. You are a rare unicorn indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed having an engaging conversation with you regards to what can I do personally to balance my chakras and how the spiritual world operates. Your session really made me super enthusiastic raising my positive vibrations which makes me prepared to attract what I want in my life. Will be eagerly looking forward to receive more energy healings from you!"

Sharin Farhana

"Dear Ashoka,

Thank you for conducting healing sessions that allow your participants to engage in self-reflection, appreciation and self-love! Your sessions are always so engaging and participants leave with hearts filled with peace and serenity! Continue to do this amazing service to mankind! You are a gem! Thank you for guiding me in this spiritual journey! I truly had a lot of takeaways! Stay positive, cheerful and loving!"


"Hi Ashoka, I had a very interesting dream after class on Saturday! Like a closure on my past relationship. Which usually I have very bad dreams on this ex, after class on Saturday was like a good closure dream haha!"

Sandra, Ceremony of the 6-Petalled Lotus

"Ashoka is an extremely talented, articulate, compassionate and approachable healer, psychic and channeler. I have found his healing ceremonies to be amazingly fruitful and highly experiential - filled with both light and dark revelations with lasting, life-transforming takeaways if one attends with an open heart and mind. The high level of meticulousness and flow in execution he has injected into these sessions are remarkable - every session I have attended is distinctively close to perfection; from the fluidity of event & time management, balanced facilitation under his stewardship and participants' involvement, to the substantial scripting, meaningful tools and thoughtful gifts prepared for all - it is hard to fault anything!

To top it off, his regular newsletters & Facebook posts are penned with such astute wisdom, grounded in a signature humour, that you are clearly missing out on life if you are not subscribed to any of his musings. Unless you are not interested in compassionate self-awareness, discovering self-empowerment, straddling spiritual growth and soul evolution in between multi-dimensional worlds while treading precariously on earth, I urge you to connect with Ashoka now."

Shannan Koh

"Ashoka is a wonderful person who goes all out to help others. I came to know about him through a friend when I went for one of his ceremonies. It was a simple meditation session that made me feel relaxed, calm and at peace - something I have been searching for, for a long time. Then I started going for his sessions regularly. It has been beneficial to me - my friends see a much joyous and happy person in me. I find myself more at peace. I am learning to be consistent with my meditations with the help of Ashoka. Thank you very much, Ashoka."


"The healing sessions have been always calming and gives you a sense of rejuvenation with a renewed purpose. Ashoka has been mindful in conducting each session with details well explained and takes care of everyone’s well-being. The healing could not be done without Ashoka’s enthusiasm and encouragement."


"I enjoyed the meditation sessions by Ashoka because he crafts each session based on an individual Chakra point. This allows me to work on myself based on my sensing of my body and also gives me a chance to deepen my learning and appreciation of how each Chakra point supports my daily function. Ashoka is patient, and respectful of our accounts and ensures that each session benefits us in the most holistic manner. I really appreciate that he is generous with advice and suggestions, and gives us more fodder to think about our healing journeys."


"I have had reading sessions with Ashoka and attended group meditations & workshops conducted by him and find him to be a very friendly person, a dedicated and gifted healer.

He uses a combination of Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards and Akashic Records during my reading to guide me in thinking, exploring and finding my own answers and direction, and he also includes healing along the way during the session, whenever needed.  I feel very comfortable during my reading because he is patient but also quick on his feet in guiding me to look deep into my heart to review my thoughts and emotions, when he senses I am stuck not knowing where to look.

He exudes the same patience and warmth during the workshops and group meditations. Although they are group sessions, he makes sure that he gives attention to each individual. While we are encouraged to share any thoughts, feelings, emotions at the end of the session, it was never forced upon. And if we do share something/emotions that happened to us during the session, he is always ready to offer some insights to how we could explore the meaning of what those might mean.

I truly enjoyed all my sessions with Ashoka!"


"Ashoka Healing has been one of the best things that I got introduced to in 2020. I’m very grateful to have attended about eight of Ashoka’s meditation and healing ceremonies over the past year. Ashoka is someone with an optimistic and cheerful disposition, and I’ve found him to be approachable, knowledgeable, and professional in his practice and with clients. 

His sessions have helped me immensely in developing greater awareness of myself and of different aspects of my life I need to work on. I’ve learnt a lot from Ashoka about how I can transform my life through meditation, and experience abundance.

Through his guided practice, I’ve become more mindful in my daily life. I’ve managed to also heal from physical, mental and emotional pain I’ve had, and I feel much more happy and at peace.

Thank you for playing a significant role in my spiritual journey Ashoka!"


"As a Yoga practitioner, attending Ashoka's Chakra ceremonies helped me gained insights on what I have to work on within.

I have always been interested in the planets energies and how to harness that for transformation and manifestation.

Attended his Summer Solstice ceremony recently, it is always nice to do that with a group."

"Hey Ashoka it's been so far a wonderful 2021 for me, literally started off and can feel the energy shift in my Throat Chakra. It's all related to my work. 

Been able to communicate effectively and getting them to understand better with the bangs I got when I kick started work on Monday.

And the entire week it's been very challenging yet I was able to communicate calmly and convey my situation well. 

Really I can feel the difference. Wonderful challenges ahead.

Basically I'm able to get things done and be heard optimistically. Which is a great shift for me and a boost to my confidence too!"

[Client wishes to remain anonymous], Ceremony of the 16-Petalled Lotus

“Hi Ashoka, thanks to Sunday’s session, I’m feeling more emotionally and physically resilient. Thought I’ll relapse on Monday, but today’s the best feeling. Thank you for your assistance!”


“Hi Ashoka, thank you for the healing last night. I promptly fell asleep when I felt the healing energy come through… and I was so so so relaxed in my sleep. I finally felt my body relax and be at ease… the last couple of nights I was having very light sleep but last night, I was in deep relaxed sleep. 

I usually wake up early about 6 or so. This morning I got up at 6:30 but my body said to go back to sleep again and I did. I woke up at 10:30… and I could still feel the healing energy in my body. The tingling sensation was especially strong on my left side of my body and I remembered you telling me that the left side is the feminine side and I wondered if my left side was reacting to the healing more because it was more tense than my right side.

I feel that my internal pathways are more open and grounded… not tense and floating… So thank you, Ashoka. Your healing is such a blessing in my life…”

[Client wishes to remain anonymous]

"Hi Ashoka, thanks for the energy healing last week. I have recovered on Tuesday after the healing session. After that I feel energised. And feel happier and less stressed. It has been awhile that I have such feeling. In the past months I have been not as happy (not depressed though) for reasons I’m not so sure. I have more energy to work/exercise/socialise as before. Really thanks a lot!"


"Hello! I wanted to say that there’s been a surge of energy (strangely!) and my supervisor literally asked me if I’m ‘cuckoo’ and wondered if I’m overworked! Haha says I’m so hyper. It’s a strange change😊 Thank you!!!"


"I just have to tell you… I feel SUPER energised today. It’s mad. I woke up so easily this morning and I’ve been bouncing around all day. Haven’t felt this energised in about a year!?"

Lisa Pires

"Ashoka is a compassionate, extremely dedicated and gifted intuitive healer. Connected deeply both to Mother Earth's energy and the Divine at the same time, he exhibits the full spectrum/dimension of the human/spiritual experience, and hence his ability/potential to touch the lives of many. 

His lightworking services are over-and-beyond. His spiritual leadership of fellow lightworkers and services to his clients bear testimony to his purity of heart, care, vision, resilience, strength and his generosity in spirit, delivered with his affable, personable, responsive characteristic traits, and his unique sense of humour. 

If you are guided to connect with him, I would highly recommend that you follow your intuition. :) Namaste."

Yuanhui Chen, Intuitive Art Healer

"Hey Ashoka, thank you so much for the healing session last night. I woke up feeling fantastic this morning – something that hardly happens. It really does feel like I’ve been reset. My heart feels amazing is all I can say. I really want to express my gratitude to you – thank you for everything. The world is lucky to have someone like you, and for me personally, it’s inspiring. I don’t know what you’ve done with me but I believe that going forward I really need to protect this sacred space. Thanks again man!"

K. de Silva

"Ashoka is a very dedicated and hardworking healer who is well versed in various healing modalities. He is down to earth and is very friendly and easy to approach. My own akashic reading/oracle reading/scanning of chakras is quite accurate as it matches and complements with what other competent healers overseas and my higher self have told me or indirectly shown me before.

His healing is very much in tune with both tradition and new age, and is more focused on moving beyond duality and being in harmony and at One with the Universe.

I would recommend to people who wish to experience more joy and peace in our busy lives and who consider being more attuned to our spiritual nature."


"Hey Ashoka I am so happy. I think your clearance of my blockages worked. For many months I didn’t win 4D. Today I won 1st prize and although not a lot but it works. I am so happy; I was initially ‘do and try’, now it proves you have helped me. How can I thank you? I am really so happy… I sincerely felt bliss to trust my intuition to go ahead to meet you. You’re like my angel hahaha…"


"Ashoka had done an Akashic Reading for me as I was having anger and resentment issues which had caused my some physical issues in my abdomen for number of years. He had accurately conveyed to me the causes as well as how to heal as well. He so understood and came from a place of non-judgement. He displayed qualities of empathy. He had not just advised me on a practical level but had also done an impromptu prayer and energy healing where I had felt an energy shift. I am very appreciative of his healing and highly recommend him to anyone in need of clarity of their situation and healing thereafter."

A. Anura De Silva, Intuitive Astro Coach

"I met Ashoka at the Heart Mind Body Festival in Suntec City and I was given a Chakra scan and advice on crystals. What amazed me was his ability to make the client feel at ease and comfortable. He genuinely connects with the client and you can feel his warmth. Further to it, his assessment of me during the scan was spot on and his advice on the use of appropriate crystals was really useful and shows his depth of knowledge in that area. I thank him a lot for his warmth and advice."

A. Anura De Silva, Intuitive Astro Coach

"It was a wonderful experience, something which I had not experienced before. It was good knowing about me in a different light and exploring my life."


"I cannot help it but to gloat over Ashoka's help. Through his session of Akashic records I got my answer to question which was lingering for a year. As soon as he revealed the answers via whatsapp I had goosebumps and started tearing and I am sure that it was my soul that was crying in joy, his reading resonates 100% accurate. Thank you once again Ashoka, for being helpful to get my answers."

Sathya Veeramuthu

"Hi Ashoka, just wanted to tell you that after attending your class, a guy that I have been contacting for awhile has asked me out and also I am getting to know another person through a mutual friend. I am not sure if either of them will be my life partner, but I am certain that this happened because of the release and healing done by you. This has happened after a long time so I’m glad that I attended your class. Manifestation really works!"

[Client wishes to remain anonymous], Ceremony of the 12-Petalled Lotus

"Thanks for the report and for the amazing chakra-tuning and more. Surprisingly, I felt more energy immediately after yesterday's session and also today. It was an eye-opening experience and felt that you undertook the whole process very professionally & smoothly. Thank you also for your friendliness and warmth in sharing with me your wisdom and for answering any questions I had."


"Dearest Ashoka,

I have in the course of my life met many healers who have touched my life and prepared me for my realisation, of what was to come.

You were the one final person I needed to see channelled to me without even my knowing to do the final “crescendo” to awaken me. Angels guided you to me.

I think I have told you in person that after your Akashic reading and eclectic chakra balancing, an OBE experience amounting to a Kundalini arising became apparent to me, hours on.

Ashoka, you have no idea that our first meeting was the day I finally ‘awakened’ to my energy.

Others have, yes, done their work on me, but your work was the final straw that broke the “camel’s back”.

Your continuous, unselfish guidance and friendly re-assurance has given me faith and courage to accept my spiritual gift that I was always doubting and de-bunking.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. A truly selfless spirit you are, an epitome in my journey... You work from the heart...

Anytime I had doubts, worries, surprises you never failed to encourage and inspire me further to trust, trust, trust.

Today, I do not doubt anymore. I am forever blessed with this “gift”. May you always do God’s work... God bless.

Yours Truly"

[Client wishes to remain anonymous]

“It was spot on! My gosh, it is so simple yet the veil over my eyes and heart didn't allow me to see it. I thank you from the depth of my being for these insights and guidance... Everything was on point... I feel this release from my heart instantly on reading it... I feel so assured now. You dunno how much this has helped me... Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Diana F.

“I was lucky enough to receive an Akashic records reading from Ashoka - it was delivered very quickly and with a lot of depth. Some bits of information that I received were fairly accurate and I can't wait to see how the rest pans out. I could feel a lot of sincerity and love in his reading. I'd highly recommend anyone to see Ashoka if you need some clarity or assistance in your life. Thank you Ashoka!”


“An amazing healing session with Ashoka, who is gifted with positive energy and can resonate with client.”

Swee Choo

“It was very pleasant and rather meditative without too many questions asked. Ashoka is very professional and after the session I could feel an instant shift :) Highly recommended!”

“You did a very good job clearing my chakras. As a result my Kundalini got activated.”

[Client wishes to remain anonymous]

“Ashoka has an endearing personality and puts people at ease. It was an eye opener to have him work on me. He uses a wide array of tools in order to facilitate the balancing of the chakras. From colours to bells, crystals to breath. It was an interesting and enjoyable experience.

After the session, I felt generally much clearer. My speech was also smoother and clearer. It is definitely an experience worth trying at least once!”

Edwin Tan, Physical Therapist/Trainer & Energy Healer

“I had an Eclectic Chakra Fine-Tuning session with healer Ashoka. What makes a session with Ashoka simply amazing that leaves you awestruck is Ashoka himself - he is intuitively gifted. He is divinely guided on the best mix of tools to clear and amplify each chakra. His use of light language, crystals, tuning folks and fabrics reflect his deep spiritual knowledge. Only someone who has ascended to a high level of consciousness is able to connect this directly to the universe. You are in the presence of the Divine when you are with Ashoka.”

Abelene Hu, Life Coach and Corporate Trainer

"Certainly a session that I will never forget. It felt like a 'reset' to my body's wellbeing and I had a new, reborn feeling after the session. Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to have inner peace and mental strength in everything you do. Not something I can explain, but only you will be able to experience. Plus, Ashoka is probably the nicest guy I ever met with the deepest sincerity in what he does! Thanks once again Ashoka! Highly recommended to anyone!"

Tze Wan

"The first time I met Ashoka, I felt his kindness and good intentions. It brought me to contact him in order for him to access my Akashic Records and get some clarity in my situation.

He was very accommodating as he came over to my place to do the session. His reading was very very very accurate and really helped me get understandings of how my past lives impacted on my present life. He gave me answers on questions I kept in my heart for years. He accompanied his readings by powerful prayers that help releasing past lives energies and to help forgive. 

There is no doubt Ashoka is gifted and will continue to grow spiritually; Ashoka has insights that breathe truthfulness and wisdom. I highly recommend his Akashic Records Reading and can't wait to try his Eclectic Chakra Fine-Tuning!!"

Anna Ah-Tune

“I have had a reading with Ashoka, and I am amazed by it. Ashoka is not only sensitive in his reading but he is also able to connect deeply with your soul and provided a detailed and sensitive reading. Apart from this, he has also provided powerful prayers for me to release my old energy cord. I was emotionally shaken after reading his findings and it just touches me. I will recommend Ashoka's reading to people who will like to find out about their challenges in life.”

Andra Lim

"I received Ashoka’s Eclectic Healing session. As a recipient all I did was to be comfortable and receive. I drifted in and out throughout the session. I was told by Ashoka that he worked on my chakras. Symbols, bells and toning. I enjoyed the energies that I received from all these tools. What I realized was that he uses his own natural voice to create a soothing soundscape for our session. I find this very soothing and quite unique.

At the end of the session I felt very relaxed and grounded. What I found delightful too was being invited by Ashoka to experience a shamanistic ritual of space cleansing and protection before I proceeded to lay down to receive the healing. This to me symbolizes my taking responsibility and giving permission for my healing journey. Thank you Ashoka for this unique healing experience.

I would recommend others to receive Ashoka’s Eclectic Healing sessions."

Oribel Divine, Interspecies Communicator and Raja Kayu Agent

"I am deeply grateful Ashoka answered my questions at this time of anxiety and need. His clear insight brought me understanding and comfort to my current journey by providing practical wisdom and compassionate solutions.

He is prompt in responding to your requests with respect and a genuine desire to help. His empathic abilities and knowledge in connecting to the energy world is commendable. I was impressed with the comprehensiveness and depth of his reading and it even touched on a past life which I had experienced myself!

His reading included much more than I asked for, including glimpses into my past life, spirit guides, recommendations of crystals and identifying my strengths and reasons behind my dilemmas.

I would highly urge you to have a reading with Ashoka if you desire to shed light on your current issues and questions. He has guided me not just as a spiritual practitioner who is very balanced in his approach but also as a sincere friend who truly cares about your well-being."

Lim Lishan, Yoga Teacher & Healer

"I am very impressed by the detail and accuracy of the reading Ashoka presented! It was amazing and provided me with much needed peace of mind and clarity in regards to what I had to do! I look forward to experiencing Ashoka's other services in the future, and should this service ever be offered again (and I highly recommend it), I would definitely take advantage of it!"

Chin Joo, The Magnus Grimoire

"Absolutely amazing. Very eclectic and calming session. Felt, saw and heard the different eclectic energies and felt more balanced and relaxed after the whole session. Ashoka conducted the entire session to perfection, truly an all encompassing and eclectic experience."

Timothy Lim

"I received an Akashic Records Reading from Ashoka today and I felt such love the moment I contacted him by email. It was the second question I had asked about a health concern which worried me the most and when he shared what he had read about that, I started sobbing from a deep place. I knew I was touched and I somehow felt that was what it had been all along. I could not have seen this on my own and I am so grateful. At last. His love and reassurance to keep on my path and to support me were the other gifts from this reading. I am so glad I received this reading today. Thank you Ashoka again…."

Malti Lalwani, Inner Bliss Healing

"Hi Ashoka, thank you so much for the reading. I always had some questions in my head and I didn’t really know where to get the answers. And now I have gotten the answers through the reading! The reading was spot on and I feel blessed and grateful to know that I have guides guiding me along the way. I feel more positive now. Thank you for patiently answering all my doubts!"

Christin Verginia

"I had an eclectic chakra fine-tuning session with Ashoka Healing last week and the least I can say is that it was wonderful.

Ashoka is a powerful Shaman and healer. This modality that he created is to me what I would call alchemy healing and a harmonizing. Each step of the process, coloured pieces of fabric, crystals, tuning forks, light language, codes... Creates a massive but gradual stream of powerful energies to flow through your being. The stream of energy is very strong and very gentle at the same time, I felt I was in a cocoon.

I also felt that he was working with a team of galactic healers (namely the Pleiades) and his voice and the light language he channels are the catalyst to create the perfect healing alchemy and it has this harmonizing effect at a core cell level...

The benefits for me were:

Feeling more at balance, relaxed (I feel asleep at some point and was snoring), getting my chakras spin at optimized speed, getting also clearing and also a great reconnection to my inner power with the work he did on my solar plexus and my Heart.

I really recommend his sessions, please book and have a try... You body, soul and mind will thank you."

Leantara Shah, Akasha Records Master, Reiki Master, Channel & Shaman

"Amazing stuff, the crystal/card/sound healing really puts you in a good space and clears your mind."

Roger Chang, Entrepreneur

"Being an Empath & someone who is sensitive to different energy vibrations, I could instantly feel a tingling sensation flowing through my body, especially when you were chanting the mantras to bless the different corners of the room. As we progressed on with our session, I could feel different chakra points being worked on, especially my solar plexus, heart and third eye chakras. I feel a sense of calmness and I know instinctively that I am in good hands, when you were performing the healing session on me.

I truly enjoyed our healing session today and I do personally believe that this is a calling for you to be a healer."

Wayne Wong, Yoga Teacher

“It is one of the most blissful healing session I have experienced!

Ashoka with his well-integrated spiritual tools, is able to lead me into a deep relaxation state. I felt that I've entered into another dimension and trusted that my deep issues of grief, anger and self-hatred and feeling of incompleteness are being cleared and cleansed.

I love the sensation of the tuning forks on my body. The vibration ease my body tension and allow me to feel so comfortable in my body!

I felt the crystals put all over my body to be very pure and healing. And the coloured chakra cloth on my body allows me to be in touch with my inner self.

And I really like the way you clear the space, calling upon the Nature Elements/Spirits to be with us before we start the Healing session. I feel very supported and surrounded by the higher spirits!

Thank You Ashoka for this very impressive and colourful healing session!"

Arakah, Dance Coach/Facilitator

"Dear Ashoka, you have a gift for tuning into the sadness in people, and that desire to melt away sadness in others motivates you into becoming a healer. Sadness to you is not just a negative emotion. It's a beautiful vessel that holds a person's most precious soul gifts. It holds the key to our powerful transformation. You can sense that. Highlight this in your offering and you'll attract the right clients for you. Love, Bingz."

Bingz Huang, Bingz Healing Wisdom

"My session with Ashoka was a deeply restful and beautiful one. An alchemy of elements were used for a well-rounded and colourful experience.

Cloth correlating to the hues of our chakras were placed as a form of colour therapy and to activate and heal them. Sound in the form of intuitive mantra chanting, tuning forks and vocal toning also added to the aura-somatic experience.

Crystals and cards with light symbols were respectfully placed to increase the frequencies and energy while Reiki and Pranic healing enabled me to sink into a semi-awake state of consciousness that facilitated my therapy with Ashoka.

I felt calm and alive when I emerged from the session; my anxiety and doubt melted away. I must thank Ashoka for such effort and care in his work and appreciate being involved in creating the sacred space which transported me into a journey into myself.”

Lim Lishan, Yoga Teacher & Healer

“I have had a wonderful healing session with Ashoka. It was an amazing experience for me and although I didn't know what to expect Ashoka led me through the whole experience step by step. He used ancient South American Inca and Tibetan healing methods and it was a wonderful, exhilarating and at the same time relaxing and deeply moving experience. When he finished I felt much more relaxed and empowered. I would sincerely recommend Ashoka and his healing system to everyone.”

David Taylor, Psychic Consultant, UK

“As a holistic healer and spiritual practitioner myself, I am naturally more selective about who I receive an energy healing from. I instantly connected with Ashoka and felt very comfortable to trust and place my well-being in his good hands. Ashoka's mix of various shamanistic healing techniques was refreshing and uniquely his own. I felt immense energies coursing through my being during the session and it felt so pleasant that I did not wish it to end. Thank you Ashoka.”

Luke Elijah, Spiritual Coach, Holistic Healer, Intuitive Counsellor

"Dear Ashoka,

Many thanks for your readings. What I like most about your reading service was your sincerity and positivity. I sense your sincerity in wanting to provide the service and you were quick to recommend and share beyond what I had asked - e.g. about the meditation centres in Singapore, etc.

As I asked you further, I realized you took more effort in your readings by consulting several decks of cards as well as the Akashic readings.

Your service was sensitive, prompt and very helpful. Positivity and cheerfulness is one of your traits too :) Most of what you wrote makes sense to me, although I hardly revealed much information beyond the open ended questions.

Thank you Ashoka and all the best in this journey :)" 

Ad (pseudonym)

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"Don't follow any advice, no matter how good, until you feel as deeply in your spirit as you think in your mind that the counsel is wise."

Joan Rivers

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